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Understanding How Bail Bonds Work Sometimes a suspect of a crime can be able to apply for a bail so that they are not put behind bars. This means that the suspect has to raise money that will make him or she stay out of jail until the court date reaches. Bonds are refundable, and they are meant to act as security in case the suspect does not show up. The bail bond system is rampant in many judicial systems, and it provides you with the ability to remain open during the period before your trial and sentencing. Although the system is standard, not many people are aware of how it works. On the other hand, if the defendant fails to raise the stipulated amount, they will be in custody until the court hearing reaches. A person often has family and work obligations and being arrested could bring hardships. A bail bond is an understanding between the court and the bondsman or bond company to make sure that the suspect appears during the hearing. In case the suspect does not show up on the set date, the bail bondsman is liable for all the damages. All bail bonds are not the same, and they vary depending on the type of case. Suspects will not always have the amount of money required for the bail, and when this happens, they will use the services of a bail bondsman. There is a procedure of how bail bonds work, although some people may not be knowing this. When a criminal is arrested, him or her is taken to court, and a preliminary hearing takes place. During this hearing you can take your stand as being guilty or not, although in most instances the not-guilty option is taken. At this hearing, the judge sets the bail amount. You can be able to get out of jail once you have settled the outstanding bail. The court clerk is the one who receives the bond then releases you until the trial date. Once the suspect has been given freedom by the prison, it is upon him or her to show up when the hearing date reaches. You might be arrested if you do not appear on the set date of trial after you have been given a bond.
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The suspects who are found to be not guilty are released and their money returned altogether. However, if you are not innocent you will pay the fines and in some cases will be required to serve the additional time in jail. You should note that there is a right of claiming the bond money that you had paid and some states might deduct some processing fee. An important thing to note is that different states work differently with bail bonds. The professionals who deal with bonds so that you can get more information.Finding Similarities Between Businesses and Life