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The Difference of Trademark Law and Copyright Law If a creator has finished n output, the first that he’ll be thinking is guarding his intellectual property. The output can by anything. A product through manufacturing, information technology, arts, science, or sports can be the output of any creator. The creator will have to prove that he is the one who created that particular authentic product. After the creator proved that it is his original work, he is being given the rights from the intellectual property law. Copyright and trademark protection are two example branches of the intellectual property law. Musicians, artists, authors, and businesspeople are the usual group who are affected to the issue of the difference of the copyright and trademark. This can be best clarified by the lawful purposes of the two concerns. A trademark is any symbol that can be a word, design, number, or a pattern of these basics that is permanently used to any products or services to make the customers remember the manufacturer or source of the product. For published works such as books, paintings, and discs, the legalities of a copyright is the one responsible to this batch of protected works. The confusion of these two concerns starts when a design is casted as a trademark, or vice versa. Explained below are the differences of the two. A copyright is automatically given when the author had already finished and published his book. No registration is required within the U.S Copyright Office and also copyright notification is not needed. Unlike the trademark, a copyright has six legal right bonuses for the author can use. When the consumer association has a chosen reliable trademark, the trademark’s worth is higher resulting ti a more consumed products and services. It means that the more original the trademark is, the more protection it can acquire. The special rights given by the law to a copyright are the ones that will describe it worth and originality.
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The entire thought a subject wants to portray is not part of the protection of the copyright since the law only limits the protection in the illustration. Titles, names phrases, and slogans cannot acquire the protection of a copyright. But these items can be applied to trademarks if used commercially and properly. In the jurisdiction of the United States, a trademark can gradually be used as long as it is active and properly used in the industry. Unlike trademark, the copyright protection has its limit on time. The copyright’s protection can be used until the authors life time and an additional of 70 years.
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Any work can be awarded with the right protection with no misunderstandings when the owner is responsible and has the knowledge on the laws of a copyright and a trademark.