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All about the General Assembly in the US State of Maryland Maryland is one of the smallest states of the country of the United States of America, which is located in the region of Mid-Atlantic that borders Washington D.C., West Virginia and Virginia in its west and south point, Delaware to its east, and Pennsylvania, to its north. The state’s capital city is the Annapolis, but the largest city is the Baltimore. The state of Maryland is basically recognized as the place of birth of America’s religious freedom, which is why the state is called in various nicknames, such as the Chesapeake Bay State, the Old Line State, and the Free State. The system of the government of the US state of Maryland is basically the same with the other states of the country where this state is situated, and it is basically conducted and administered with accordance to the state constitution of the whole country of the United State of America. The Maryland general assembly is basically composed of the legislative body and state legislature of the said state, and such meeting is commonly held in the State House, which is located in the capital city of the state. The Maryland general assembly is also defined as a bicameral body, which include the upper chamber, which is composed of representatives and the senates, and the lower chamber which is composed of the house of delegates and elected representatives. During election time, the functions of these two houses include establishing rules for the conduct of its business, judging the qualifications of each of their members, and expelling or punishing their members. The people who wants to become part of the Maryland general assembly as a delegate or senator, they need to fit the various qualifications, such as being a resident for at least a year prior to the election, they should be a citizen of the state of Maryland, and the qualified age for a delegate is at least twenty-one years old, while for a senator is at least twenty-five years old. The terms of these elected officials will lasts for four years, however their terms are not limited, and in instances that a vacancy in the position occurs due to disqualification, resignation or death of a member, the Governor of the said state will be the one who will appoint a replacement. The official who led the lower chamber or the house of the delegates is called as the speaker, while in the upper chamber or the house of the senator is called as the president, and these leaders have their own responsibilities duties and prerogatives the allows and enables them to have an influence in the legislation process.

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