Getting Social Security Disability Assistance With the Help of a Lawyer

Social security disability insurance (SSDI) is designed to provide benefits to qualifying individuals who suffer from a temporary or permanent disability. In order to qualify, an individual must have been working and paying social security taxes for a sufficient amount of time. They must also be able to prove that their disability prohibits them from being able to find or maintain gainful employment. The application process for getting getting social security disablility assistance simply is not designed to be easily navigated, and many people who believe themselves to be eligible are initially denied.

According to the social security administration, a qualifying disability must have lasted, or be expected to last, for at least one calendar year. The disability can be caused by either injury or illness, but it must be sufficiently severe as to prevent the person suffering it from both continuing in his or her current form of employment, and finding work in other fields.

Proof of disability must be obtained from at least one relevant medical professional, and all paperwork must be filed correctly, in order to be considered. The legal red tape surrounding disability insurance is the primary motivator behind an increase in people seeking legal help over the course of the application process. Hiring a lawyer to review the case and help determine eligibility before submitting an application can save a lot of hassle. It can also help those who are not eligible for SSDI find other appropriate options, such as supplemental security income benefits.

Should a client be eligible, a social security disability lawyer can help file paperwork appropriately and on-time, obtain necessary medical proofs, and file appeals should the application be rejected. Many people, both with and without lawyers, are turned down for SSDI benefits. Having an accurate application and adequate proof of disability will certainly increase a client’s chances of success.

Should the application be rejected, a lawyer can also help his or her clients to navigate the appeals process. Those who have opted to file independently without seeking legal help and advice still have recourse to hiring a lawyer should their applications be denied. Find out more about eligibility requirements and navigating the complex legal process of obtaining social security disability benefits today.