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What to Look for in a Organic Mattress

Most people look at home improvement to mean redecorating a home or renovating an old home to breathe new life into the structure. However, improving the home can also equate to better furnishings. In this respect, the improvements may not only be furniture that looks different but furniture that is constructed differently. One particular item many people feel is an improvement to their home, as well as an improvement for themselves personally, is the purchase of an organic mattress.

Organic materials are available for virtually any product a person could buy, and organic mattresses are no different. However, sometimes, manufacturers can be a bit misleading when it comes to organic mattresses. That’s why it’s important to look at two things.

The first is to look at the materials used in an organic mattress. In most cases, organic mattresses will have three basic types of materials. The first material is cotton. The second material is typically wool and, often times, mattresses will also be infused with latex as well.

In order for to be organic, cotton must have been grown in a way that no synthetic chemicals or pesticides were used. Organic wool is wool that has been taken from sheep where the sheepskin has been treated with lanolin. This helps to keep the wool soft even when sheep are exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. Lastly, natural latex is important because not only is it organic, it helps prevent dust mites and can reduce allergic reactions.

The second thing to look for is whether a mattress is certificated. When it comes to certifications, manufacturers can use lots of slick terms, such as eco-friendly, to imply their mattresses are made from organic materials. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. One way to identify a truly 100% organic mattress is to look …